Shredder industry definition and classification

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Shredder industry definition

Paper comb and a drive motor. The paper is fed from the middle of the blade, and is divided into many tiny pieces of paper to keep it secret. Shredding refers to the shape of a paper shredder after the paper has been processed by a shredder. According to the composition of the shredding knife, the existing shredding methods are: broken, granular, segment, foam, strip, filamentous and so on. Now the shredder, in addition to the processing of paper, you can also cut credit cards, CDs and so on.

The structure and working principle of shredder shredder: there are two main parts of "knife" and "electric motor", between the belt and gear so closely connected together, the motor drive belt, gear, the energy is transmitted to the cutter, and the cutter by rotation, with a sharp metal angle put shredded paper.

There is some shredder can choose two or more than two kinds of paper mode.  Different shredding methods are suitable for different occasions. If it is a general office situation, it is possible to choose segments, granules, filaments and strips. But if it is to use some of the confidentiality requirements are relatively high occasions, must use foam like. At present, the use of four pieces of knife shredding method is the most advanced way of work, the paper pieces of paper neatly neat, can achieve the effect of confidentiality.

The cutting principle shredder has had a blade or cutting dislocation placement, the power source under the action of torn paper. If the tool or blade is equipped with a knife point, the effect of the shredded paper is segment or grainy, if the tool or blade is set without a nose tip, the effect is strip.

Shredder industry classification

With the development of shredder, using the object, according to the different use of the environment, divided into several hand shredders, desktop shredders, small personal / household paper shredder, shredder, large and medium-sized office office shredder etc..