What is the use of shredders?

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What is the use of shredders? As the popularity of shredders in China is very low, many consumers believe that shredders in their work life is simply not used. Here let us simply analyze the next, as ordinary individuals in the end really do not need shredder?
What is the use of shredders? According to the China National Bureau of Securitization and the National Bureau of Statistics statistics show that: 70% of China's political and economic information leak, are due to loss of waste paper or scrap documents and not due to timely destruction caused. At the same time, many news media reported a lot due to arbitrarily discard express orders, bank cards, membership cards, tender information ... ... lead to economic losses and even life-threatening!
Now the technology of the liar is very high, they can combine your confidential documents and other important data to steal your identity information, account information ... ... liar use of this information will be your personal property and personal safety have an unimaginable harm The