How to maintain the shredder

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As people's awareness of corporate or personal information is strengthened, shredders have begun to enter many companies and families. But many people in the use of shredders will always be due to no attention to the relevant shredder maintenance and use of the details, so that the use of paper shredders do not like the accident or even injury accident occurred.
How to maintain shredders, as long as the following points can be noted:
1. Shredders are mainly shredded paper, do not put broken pieces of plastic hard metal and other items can not be broken into the paper into the paper, so easy to damage the shredder.
2. Shredder Knife has a sharp tip, so in daily use should pay attention not to knuckle hair and other hair into the paper to avoid accidental damage.
3. Usually to clean up the shredded paper in the shredded paper, or easy to fall into the knife lead to jam.
4. To ensure the normal life of the shredder, each amount of shredding should not exceed the maximum number of shredded paper is appropriate, did not say broken disc disk credit card is not allowed to put into the paper.


5. When cleaning the shredder, turn off the power, wipe it with a soft cloth or a soft soapy water. Do not allow the solution to enter the inside of the machine. Do not use bleach, gasoline or rinsing.

6. High-end shredder is best every month to the shredder tool oil, Su live shredders have developed a kind of oil, through direct shredding as the oil into the paper into the easy to complete the Shredder Cutter works on oil.
Above on how to maintain the shredder of the small knowledge hope to help you!