How about paper shredding?

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Often on the Internet to see someone will ask: "shredder how to do paperboard?" Is for this problem, Su live shredder to explain in detail the following: why the paper shredders shredders How to do?
First of all, we have to understand the reasons for the chance of shredding paper. Shredder paper jams generally have the following reasons:
1. The number of shredding sheets exceeds the number of sheets that can be loaded by the shredder. For example, the maximum number of shredders is 6 sheets on the shredder instructions and on the paper, but some users insist on taking 8 or more sheets of paper. The result is definitely a paper jam for the shredder.
2. As the shredding time is too long cause the shredder to enter the temperature control state of the shutdown, the broken paper is jammed in the paper inlet. In this case, the general manufacturers of regular machines will have temperature control lights instructions. When the temperature control indicator is off (usually wait for 15-30 minutes or so), the machine will automatically break the cardboard to start normal shredding work.
3. These thin and soft paper, even if the thickness does not exceed the rated number of sheets, is sometimes jammed because the tool will pull the paper in the same way. Together lead to overlapping thickening
We are clearly aware of the usual reasons for the cardboard, the shredded paper as far as possible not to seek more than a few times more than the amount of shredding count, so instead of the results of haste is not up to the results. In the temperature control when the cardboard do not artificially to tear off the cardboard, broken thin paper to try to be less than the rated number of sheets.
Such as the emergence of a cardboard, the first time press the eject button (reverse key) to see if you can exit, if not, then turn off the power, find a fine metal like a paper clip tweezers and the like, Stuck out part of the scraps of paper. Manual handling cardboard, we must pay attention to safety, such as from the paper into the mouth can not afford to clean up the words, the machine will come back to clean up, the basic can be resolved.